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Meet Your New Mental Wellness Consultant

Christina Spragg, ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Christina Spragg is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, speaker at international conferences, and professional “brain whisperer” for leading companies. Known for her keen audience connection, down-to-earth warmth, and thorough content, she delights in teaching professionals how to elicit the very best from their brains while bringing more balance to their engaging lives.

As a neuroscience enthusiast, Dr. Spragg illuminates how to use the power of our minds to produce changes in our brain functioning in a way that is accessible, relatable, and resonant. For nearly 20 years she has studied and practiced various mindfulness practices and blends these experiences seamlessly into her trainings.

Dr. Spragg’s mission is to transform the way your workforce invests their time and energy into their mental wellbeing. Through exposure to personalized coaching and proven experiential exercises,  your team will build resilience, increase their emotional intelligence, and access deeper levels of productivity.

Take a look at our most recent case study with NY Life to see what their executives are saying about the results they’ve seen since recruiting Dr. Spragg to serve as their Mental Wellbeing Consultant.

Proven Success

The Numbers Speak For Themselves

Put simply, Dr. Spragg’s sessions are enjoyable, her methods work, and teams invite her back time and time again. Participants report that her workshops help them tune into their experiences with greater clarity resulting in mindset shifts that open up possibilities in their lives.

Team members enjoy the experiential exercises and notice shifts in their perspectives and in their ability to manage stress. After implementing the strategies Dr. Spragg teaches, KPIs reflect growth in revenue, customer retention, and client satisfaction.


Reported coaching significantly contributed to their mental Wellbeing


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What We Do Best

Unlock the brain's potential

Implement practices to deepen focus, tune out distractions, unlock creativity, and decrease mistakes.

transform communication patterns

Learn your communication patterns as well as those of your colleagues and clients, communicate confidently and assertively. 

Move key performance indicators

Increase your ability to provide excellent customer service, retain customers, and grow your business.

increase productivity

Learn the science of procrastination and how to mitigate it, neurochemically condition your brain and body to enhance productivity.

connect with your "why"

Decipher your primary values and engage in congruent behaviors, create and maintain intrinsic motivation, identify and transform limiting belief systems.


Recover from setbacks

Build frustration tolerance to endure difficult times, cut through rumination about perceived failure, re-focus on your sphere of influence.

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