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A mentally well workforce is a productive workforce

Our Wellness Consulting Services

Dr. Christina Spragg translates compelling neuroscience research into easily digestible practices for top organizations. Your workforce will build resilience and improve their mental wellbeing and productivity. 

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Spragg inspires audiences of all sizes to take responsibility for their mental wellbeing using engaging, research-driven tools and a healthy dose of humor and charisma. 

Virtual Workshops

Dr. Spragg provides top-tier, experiential trainings tailored to the needs of your organization. Popular topics include: Mindset and Resilience Training, High Performance Habits, Creating Confidence, etc.

Executive Coaching

Through coaching, Dr. Spragg provides the structure and attention to help you: define and develop laser focus for your goals, overcome imposter syndrome and step into your executive presence.

Bringing modern wellness to the workplace

wellness tailored to your organization



I don’t know if you can put a price tag on this program. I don’t know if I even need to. Your program has redefined the culture of our office in many ways. You have equipped my team with valuable tools that have increased our mental elasticity. We’ve become more grounded and better able to support our clients. I’ve appreciated the true authenticity and relatability of the program and that your modules were tailored to situations that were occurring in real time.

80% of our work has to do with human behavior and the emotions around finance. There is a psychology to what we do that is overlooked in our industry. Now we are really diving into deeper self-awareness and understanding the inner processes of our clients. 

At the start of the program no one knew what to expect but we were looking for something to sink our teeth into. This work has taken many of us out of our comfort zones and created an opportunity for transformative coaching. I’ve witnessed strong support networks growing between our agents as a result of the vulnerability we’ve all been able to embrace.

Every organization has blindspots and realities that they don’t want to address. This program has allowed us to identify our growth edges and put wraparound supports in place to address them. Your program will yield returns for years to come. I am humbled to say that even with the challenges of the pandemic, we have had very minimal turnover and we are currently on the brink of record profit. I am grateful for the support you’ve given us in becoming more adaptable and helping us seize opportunities for enhancing our wellness in this changing environment.”

Robert “Mike” Clark

Managing Partner, NY Life

“I highly recommend Dr. Spragg as a keynote speaker. She is credible, professional, and conveys expertise but is also kind, compassionate, and relatable. Dr. Spragg always receives stellar feedback from our attendees.”

Neely Lawson

Strategic Account Executive, Salesforce

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