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We strengthen and optimize your team’s mental health and performance through the use of engaging, live, virtual training sessions. 

Dr. Spragg will personally equip your valued team members with psychological tools proven to enhance their mental wellbeing and boost productivity.





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Our virtual trainings teach your team to build wellness habits, reduce stress, shift their mindsets, build resilience, and improve their performance. 

Our trainings are interactive and highly experiential. Dr. Spragg creates a safe and enriching environment to enhance engagement and learning. 

Choose what your organization needs from a sample of our most requested trainings. Or if you are seeking a more personalized experience,  Dr. Spragg is happy to schedule a call with you to determine your team’s most pressing concerns and build customized trainings to suit your needs.

From Our Founder

Is mental health at the center of your employee well-being strategy?

Mental health is no longer a “nice-to-have” program or one-time initiative. A 2021 study by Calm found that 87% of full-time employees feel anxious or stressed, and 75% are unable to control their worry.

Did you know that overall productivity decreases by 50% when full-time employees are affected by mental health challenges?

We spend 1/3 of our lives at work. This is one reason it makes sense to offer mental health resources in the work place, during working hours. Employees are able to access important mental wellness strategies in an engaging and experiential way. It sets the tone for normalizing discussions about mental wellness and provides a meaningful space for camaraderie to develop amongst colleagues.

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